International Polar Bear Day


The world needs polar bears. They are elegant, magnificent, threatened and perfectly suited to wearing armour and having daemons. They are also the subject of one of my recent ANIMAL ANTICS books. The perfect gift if you are stuck for how to celebrate International Polar Bear Day, which I am sure is a constant headache for you all.

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  1. Dear Lucy,
    I looooooove your Wild seris. I´m on my second book, Monkey Magic. In monkey magic I read about a swimming pool called the Kingfisher swimming pool. I was wondering if the swimming pool exists, or did you make it up. I googled it and fawnd a swimming pool called the Kingfisher swimming pool. Is it the same one or did you just make it up??????????????????? p.s sorry about the spelling, I’m 10!

    • Hi Eve! I’m so glad you like my books. I did make up the Kingfisher Leisure Centre – what a funny coincidence that you found one with the same name! I guess it’s a bird that lives near water, so there are probably lots. The idea for my Kingfisher was a combination of my local leisure centre and a crazy water place near Bracknell called the Coral Reef. You should definitely check out the Coral Reef online – it’s amazing! Keep reading, won’t you? x

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