Is Pinteresting?


There’s a new bird in town. It’s making the book hide its face and the twits stop cheeping. It’s Pinterest and it has nothing to do with savings accounts.

However, I hold up my hand and admit: it’s not for me.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the pictures. I do. There’s a smashing one of Portugal that took my fancy immediately – see left. You will notice that it is made primarily of words.

I have thus reached the conclusion that Pinterest is for the VISUAL creatives out there, not the wordy nerds. You know who you are. Yes dear artist friend, I’m talking about you. I’m not sure I can visually create anything, short of a special-occasion gurn for my newly minted nephew.

Are you a visual creative or a wordy one? Take this test to find out.


Here, kitty kitty kitty

A) You see a picture of a little girl crying her eyes out on a fabulous beach. Do you:

  1. Report the photographer to Social Services
  2. Get Google maps to locate the spot so you can go there on holiday
  3. Attempt to paint it but struggle with finding the right shade of cerulean
  4. Write it down

B) Someone pins a picture of your book TIGER TROUBLE. Do you:

  1. Celebrate with a large Pimms
  2. Try to repin but forward it to the Venezuelan Embassy by mistake
  3. Attempt to crayon a version of the tiger on a tablecloth
  4. Write it down

C) You find a mystifying swirly image that you can’t figure out. Do you:

  1. Ask for clarification from the person who pinned it
  2. Rush for the acrylics and design a sarong based on the same colour principles
  3. Decide it reminds you of sick
  4. Write it down

Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m off on a hunt for a decent collective noun.

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  1. Ah, my wordy friend, you are so right. For me Pinterest is a wonderland of image and colour and has me oozing enthusiasm and excitement.
    The abundance of new pictures and ideas has me constantly inspired at the moment. My creative mind works in pictures though, I process everything through images in my head. To the point, that I struggle with reading non fiction as it doesn’t conjure up any images for me.

    The interesting thing is that when you write , your word mind transmutes into image mind. You write the words, someone like me reads them and they create images in my mind… So in a way you are generating the images! HA
    hugs from your artist friend ;0)

  2. ps. I am about to embark on the blogging adventure, so you can go and correct my appalling spelling and grammar as my visual mind leaps ahead of my fingers!

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