One Horn or Two?


I saw something rather marvellous a few weeks ago, which I now feel ready to share with you. I have been guarding it for a little while in case there are rules about revealing stuff like this to the general public and I get kidnapped by angry gnomes. But you, dear readers, are anything but general. So I will say it out loud, just for you. I hope you appreciate the risk I am taking.

The 1000-year old church in said leafy village

I was driving through my parents’ leafy village, whistling along to Jefferson Starship (how cool am I?) when I glanced to my right. It was a brief sort of glance, because I was on a ROAD with my CHILDREN in the back of the car, and I am generally quite aware of driving etiquette, particularly when my husband is in the car with me and shouting stuff like “Keep your EYES ON THE ROAD because if you don’t we are all going to DIE!” and useful driving tips like that. It was, as I have said, a brief glance. And the object of my glancing was a white horse in a field.

Which happened to be a unicorn.

Eyes on the ROAD please

Pause while you digest this. Take your time. Have a biscuit. Biscuits help. Back with me yet? I can wait.

*drums fingers, checks watch*

It may just be me. I admit this. I am a children’s writer after all, and prone to noticing faces in tree trunks and fairies in flowers (see previous blog) without the use of artificial stimulants.

But who cares? For one glorious moment, as the unicorn lifted its head, its horn glimmered at me in a slanting ray of sunshine. It did! And now I’ve told you, so come and get me, gnomes! But you have to catch me first!

*thundering sound of angry gnome feet*

*sound dies away ominously*

*silence descends*

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  1. It’s OK. You didn’t reveal where the unicorn was spotted, so the gnomes don’t have to imprison you forever or murder you hideously…or so I’m led to believe (by excellent sources!) 🙂

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