Monthly Archives: December 2012

Holiday writing



“Mummy, can I…”

“Not now.”

“Mummy, where’s…”

“Not now.”


“NOT NOW. My hero has just entered the fray wearing a TEATOWEL on his head and I don’t know why! I need several hours of clear thinking to give him good cause and playing Scrabble / admiring the new Moshling / fetching you a biscuit won’t help. Do you want him to look like a fool?”

“Mummy, he’s not real.”

“He’s real to me. And I’m developing a massive crush on him. He’s 19 and I’m 16, OK, so, like, it’s fine. GET OUT OF MY SPACE.”

*long pause*


‘She’s not being weird, darling. She’s just trying to write stuff during the holidays.”