Eating One’s Words


Spot the difference. One of these is a cake. One is the cover of the book. WHICH IS WHICH?



***** suspenseful music *****

The one on the left is, of course, the cake,

made by Holly Webb!

*loud cheering*

(Or do I mean the one on the right?)


I urge you to check out the rest at the Edible Book Festival over at Do it now. There are 61 entries from 5 continents. Load the pictures as a slideshow. I can wait.

*checks email, makes another cup of coffee*

Seen them? Aren’t they brilliant? Holly’s should win of course, because I am entirely biased and she has caught Space Penguin Captain T. Krill to a T (Krill). Seems a shame to eat it, really. I must remind myself that this is what cakes are for.

UPDATE: Holly’s cake came second! Whoop whoop!


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