Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Website has Landed


cong-ty-thiet-ke-web-site-chuan-seoI’m sorry I have been so silent. It’s been a busy year. Twelve books’ worth of busy (HEARTSIDE BAY, writing as Cathy Cole). I have emerged blinking like a mole in the light, with another hectic year lined up ahead of me. And I have finally done what I’ve been meaning to do for ages: create a proper website.

The website address is I have a picture of my new book on there for you all to admire, and have just started blogging about curtains and deadlines, in that order. So please, if you would like to, leave phraseandfable to wallow in past glories, leap overboard among the dolphins and strike out for the silver shores of my new abode.

See you there?