Lucy Courtenay has officially been writing children’s fiction since 1999, and unofficially for a lot longer than that. Her desk drawers are full of half-finished stories waiting for the right moment to emerge and dance around her study in a shower of exuberant paperclips. She’s written for series such as THE SLEEPOVER CLUB, ANIMAL ARK, DOLPHIN DIARIES and BEAST QUEST, NAUGHTY FAIRIES, DREAM DOGS, ANIMAL ANTICS, SCARLET SILVER, WILD and, most recently, SPACE PENGUINS. She is also an freelance editor of children’s fiction. Those writers unfortunate enough to have her editing them wilt when they see her coming, because she knows they’ve been eating biscuits and watching telly when they were supposed to be writing their second drafts. She knows because that’s what she does too.

In her spare time, she sings with the BBC Symphony Chorus and forages for mushrooms which her husband wisely refuses to touch.

You can contact Lucy via, follow her on Twitter @LucyCourtenay1, and find out more about her books on the Curtis Brown website. She’s also available for hire: school and library events, editing, reading and reviewing manuscripts and any manner of bookish endeavours.


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  1. Dear Lucy Courteney,you are my all time favourite author in the history of the universe!!! Please oh please oh please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase write another WILD book I’ll die without reading another.P.S LOVE TAYA!!!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, Emily! Have you read all four books? Taya and Tori are taking a little break now, having had quite enough excitement, animals and glamour to last them a while. I’ll send Taya your love xx

  3. You can no way stop writing the WILD books I’ve nbever felt so desperate to read a book I love animals to bits and itsy bitsy pieces and I’ve got two little kittens of my own Poppi and Sammy there not like Chips and Gravy but they fight like they do!

  4. … sorry, commentS!! I don’t think there’s anything else out there that’s quite like WILD. But that’s why we love it. Right?? Tell your friends about them and write nice reviews on amazon and you never know – my publisher might decide to ask me for a few more… xx

  5. Are you working on one at the moment? That would be so awsome if not have you stopped writing them for good?I told my whole school about them!They are really the best!How do you do it?You’ve inspired me to try and write my own stories but none of tyhem are good enough so I throw them away.How do you do it?Do you have a technique? P.S I promise I’ll shut up now tee hee : D


  7. and yeah I read them all like six times over my favourite is probabally Tiger Trouble but it is really hard I can just picture grampas little wrinkled face and a bear on a bike woah!Anyway night and thanks for writing them!xxx

  8. I’m working on something for younger readers at the moment, Emily. Thank you for spreading the WILD word! And well done on the writing. Don’t throw anything away, though! Keep it all in a nice box or something. Everything you write helps you to write the next thing. That’s the big technique! Writing is like climbing a mountain. You’ve got to start somewhere, and it’s usually at the bottom. I’ve got all my old stories in a big flowery box I got years ago. Keep reading too, won’t you? That’s the other big secret to being an author! xx

  9. Whats the strangest animal you’ve ever held?Have you ever held a tiger,koala,bear or monkey?My friends lives in austrailia and shes held the fluffiest koala ever!!!

  10. Hi Emily. I’ve been out all day so I’ve only just seen your messages! Here are some answers:
    1) Koko in Caramel’s pouch: I wanted to do a story about Cazza being adopted, so wondered about cross-species adoption as well, and whether there were any examples of it. I never found anything about kangas and koalas, but I just thought it was a cute idea!
    2) I get fan letters more than comments, generally!
    3) The strangest animal I’ve ever held is probably a massive python. It was strangely warm and dry to the touch…
    4) Interesting question about the girl on KOALA CRAZY. I don’t know the answer I’m afraid. That’s a question for the cover designer, who’s based at the publishers.
    5) I have a bad-tempered tabby cat called Crumble and two fish called Timothy and Sonic.
    Have a great week at school, xx

  11. Wow is Emily you’re friend I wish I knew you! I love tiger trouble and monkey magic i want to read the rest but i can never find them

  12. Hi guys! Great to hear from you :-).
    Gemma: I’m so glad you like my books.
    Vanessa: I love koalas too!
    Chloe: if you want to find BEAR HUG and KOALA CRAZY, you can order them from your local bookshop or online, or via your school or town library. I really hope you find them.
    Have a great week at school, girls xx

  13. Hiya Chloe cant wait to see you at school on friday love koala crazy and tiger trouble i got a bit confused because they werent in order but i caught up and i love your books lucy courenay

  14. Hi Lucy Courtenay its been really great that you got some more comments and I’ve loved reading them but heres to some of the other commenters
    Zara and Chloe:I don’t know Lucy personally I’m just her NO 1 fan of all time ever and I don’t just like her books I love them!!!
    Gemma:They are the best are’nt they tell everyone about them because I told everyone in my new high school to post comments fingers crossed!!!
    Vanessa Koalas are the cutest arent they eep fluffyness overload!!!
    Anyway look out for people called Abigail,Elizabeth/Liz,Danielle/Dani and Sarah they all said they’d post and I’ll make sure they do!!! ;]

  15. JJ here is this place just for girls or what loved TT even though it was mainly about girls Lucy whats ur next book is it gonna be epic?

  16. Wow Lucy Courtenay I really think your books are exellent I love to sing too and I’m nutty about animals I’ve been singing for four years straight but I love reading and writing poetry and I need to decide what work to focus on if I want to get a good job but I don’t know what to pick I’ve gone everywhere for advice but no ones given me a straight up answer please help me
    Caring for animal/Vet
    What should I do???!!!?!?!?!

    • What a lot of options, Emma! I don’t know how old you are, but I’m guessing that you’ve got a few more years before you have to make any decisions. I would say that you can be an author AND a poet AND a singer AND a vet. The vet bit’s the only part you really need to study for at school. Then your life as a successful veterinary practitioner can pay for the rest, 😉

  17. Hi Lucy Courtenay I’ve only just found out how much homework you get in high school do you still write on this website because I never stop trying to get my friends to read your books even my family are asking to borrow them!

    • Hi Emily! Homework, hey? It’s tough but it’s important. I was at boarding school, and we used to sit in the study hall for about 2 hours every night doing our homework and trying to pass notes to our friends when the teacher in charge wasn’t looking. Keep telling the world about my books! There are German editions coming out soon. I might blog about all the different editions because they look AMAZING on my bookshelf! xx

    • Hi SmileGirl19/Emily’s sister, :-). Yes, I’ve written lots of books about cats AND kittens. I did something for the American ANIMAL ARK series called KITTEN IN THE CANDY CORN, and I wrote a book for a series called THE PET FINDERS CLUB called DISAPPEARING DESERT KITTENS. There’s also a fat ginger cat called Ralph in my SCARLET SILVER books. I’m guessing you like cats a lot, right? Me too! xx

  18. Smile Girl is my little sister sorry Lucy shes always using my computer when I’m not looking do you have any brothers,sisters or family?

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