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Leaping High


Leap year. A year of 366 days, a BISSEXTILE year, i.e. in the JULIAN and GREGORIAN CALENDARS any year whose date is exactly divisible by 4 except those that are divisible by 100 but not by 400. Thus 1900 (though divisible by 4) was not a leap year, but 2000 was.

Am lost. *trying to keep up and look intelligent* 4… 100… 400… Hoping for the best and going on.

In ordinary years the day of the month that falls on Monday this year will fall on Tuesday next year, and Wednesday the year after, but the fourth year will ‘leap over’ Thursday to Friday. This is because a day is added to February, the reason being that the astronomical year (i.e. the time that it takes the earth to go around the sun) is approximately 365 1/4  days, or more precisely 365.2422, the difference between .25 and .2422 being righted by the loss of the three days in 400 years.

My brain is hurting. The numbers slide about my brain like wet soap on an ice rink. I understand it now – sort of – but I won’t understand it again in 4 years’ time and will have to go through the whole soap-on-ice business again. Such is life with a creative and completely impractical brain. Last and favourite bit coming up.

It is an old saying that during leap year the ladies may propose, and, if not accepted, may claim a silk gown.

I always remember the proposing part, because I am an incurable romantic who once found herself in Paris with a man on 29 February and kind of jokingly suggested it.

I DIDN’T know the silk gown bit. A trip to the shops is long overdue. Taxi!