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Fabulously gorgeous snow day


Everything looks so pretty today, I can hardly bear it. I’m sitting in my little study – it has three windows in a bay around my desk – and staring out at the garden. Long-tailed tits are bombing around like round pink and black lollipops complete with long lollipop-stick tails. Fortunately for all, Crumblechops is asleep on the radiator.

I finished a new and exciting writing project yesterday and sent it to my agent. I’m now feeling rather strange. What if she doesn’t like it? What if no one wants to publish it? Confidence is a fragile thing. To take my mind off matters, I’ve got my editing hat on today. Here is a picture of it.


It’s a silver cowboy hat that I found for 99p in an excellent shop in Alton. What do you think?

I’m really looking forward to my editing now I’ve put my hat on. It’s a new book by an American teenager. Wow, the hat feels even MORE appropriate now I think about it. I repeat, she’s a TEENAGER. Good on her!